IT Outsourcing Services

We offer tailored services to meet your needs, ensuring reliability and performance.

IT Service Desk

Delivering comprehensive IT help desk solutions, our services focus on resolving and preventing IT issues for employees and customers. Our scalable IT ServiceDesk covers incidents related to PCs, mobile devices, email, VoIP, networks, servers, and Office Suite applications. We aim to enhance productivity by providing user support for usage issues (Level 1) and technical support for complex incidents (Level 2) across diverse operating systems and IT infrastructure.

SAP Managed Services​

SAP Managed Services ensure the smooth and future-ready operation of SAP solutions, offering ongoing monitoring, maintenance, user management, and a 24x7 service desk for prompt incident resolution. Clients benefit from optimized operations and cost reductions, allowing them to focus on core business activities.

Application Development Services

We provide Application Development Services tailored to clients' unique needs, covering collaborative design, development with vendor relationships, iterative testing for quality assurance, and the implementation of DevOps principles. Additionally, we offer ongoing operational management services.

IT Infrastructure Management Services

Responsible for managing client technology infrastructure, our IT Infrastructure Management Services ensure 24/7 support, offering continuous monitoring, issue prevention, and troubleshooting. Services include IT infrastructure administration, covering user management, workstation maintenance, software updates, network, and cloud service management.